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*1910 2006

An art project
starting with the estate of a
deceased person

On this web page you will find the estate of a deceased. The estate has belonged to a, to us, unknown person who lived between the years 1910 and 2006. All the objects in the estate purchased by us have been documented and, as the work has proceeded, published in an archive. Through this documentation process we want to find out what will appear. Will the objects visualise memories, forgetfulness, time and events long passed? How is it possible to make a portrait of an unknown deceased person by means of her belongings, and how does the relation between truth and fiction work in such a portrait?
We regard the resultant archive as a memorial to the individual person as well as over the century in which she lived. Through the archive we stop the dispersion of her belongings for a while and also keep something for the posterity. Along with the archiving we have worked individually with pieces that connect to the project. Through following links from the pictures and texts in the archive you get to know our individual thoughts and works.

This is a collaboration between Nanna de Wilde, Terese Bolander and Kristina Stark. The project is financed with the help of KU-funding (Research and development in the arts) from the Royal Institute of Art (KKH) and has resulted in four exhibitions and one publication.